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This Wiki is under construction. If you need an account now, please write to tito at from your work email id. If you are an intern or anyone without a CIS work-email id, explain that in your email


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Welcome to this Wiki. In this Wiki you'll get a lot of details related to an open-source team in India.

How and what

The site is for the Centre for Internet (CIS) and Society and started by their the Access to Knowledge team.

CIS has several teams, A2K mainly works on Wikimedia projects which is powered by MediaWiki. MediaWiki is a very powerful software and provides a way too many options for management and organising.

The idea was suggested by A2K to CIS in October 2018. Following this there were some discussions on creating Wikis for the entire CIS team.

In 2019 January, we started this Wiki.


Standard operating procedures

Standard operating procedures links should go here such as

  • Email SOP
  • Social media SOP

(please link and categorise accordingly)

To do

  • Collect all important public docs of CIS (specially A2K) and store on this site and
  • Categorise and index them so that it become easily searchable
  • Work on site maintenance
  • Import templates, modules.


Namespace is an important way to categorise, as of 16 January we are working to fix it, however, some of the namespaces are:

  1. CORE, redirects to Core:, for Core policies or anything related to Core
  2. SOP, redirects to Standard Operating Policies: